Custom Wrestling Medals

Custom Wrestling Medals

Custom Wrestling Medals

We design and create custom wrestling medals using the zinc alloy material. Contact us to get your custom design medals, small order medals acceptable. The medals are with different plating.

Some wrestling trace need the medals in rush short time. Our rush order process will help you finish the medals in 7 days. Certainly you may need to pay the rush charge. And delivery time is normally 2-3 days. If you want rush medals order, feel free contact us and we are pleasure to help you out.

What is Wrestling

Wrestling can be interpreted as falling to the ground and competitive sports.

Wrestling is recognized as the world\’s first competitive sport. Two athletes beat each other hand to hand, and fall down with a variety of skills, skills and methods according to certain rules.

Wrestlers now appear not only in the Olympic Games, but also in all kinds of big fight competitions.

For example, UFC, K1, war pole, Strike Force, Dream and so on.

On February 12, 2013, the IOC Executive Committee decided to eliminate the long-standing wrestling from the 2020 Summer Olympics.

How to design the perfect wrestling medals?

Before design the wrestling medals, I think you maybe need to know more about the wrestling sports.

Like the history!

Wrestling is recognized as the earliest competitive sport in the world. Wrestling was one of the ancient Olympic Games when they were born in 776 B.C. and has always been an event of the previous Olympic Games.

Modern wrestling originated in Greece, and the ancient Greeks strongly advocated wrestling. Legend has it that the mythical hero Jeshei, the founder of Athenian democracy, learned the rules of wrestling from the Athenian goddess and developed the sport of wrestling.

In the Olympic Games occupies an important proportion of the wrestling events, also known as international wrestling.

Any other wrestling gifts we can design?

Sure, you can make the wrestling enamel lapel pins, coins, keychains, patches, and clips, cufflinks. All are good gifts for the Wrestler and the Audience.

Our company can do all above scarf for your race. Feel free contact us to create your fantastic Wrestling medals, gifts.

Custom Wrestling Medals

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